7 Hacks To Beat Your Post-Lunch Dip (#6 is best!)

Did you wolf down a ‘skinny’ breakfast (or none at all) and rush off to work dragging your desperate body (protesting “No, no NO!”) behind you?  We’ve all done it. And throughout the hectic morning do you plough on, with regular hits from coffee (black, no sugar) or energy-drinks? And come lunch-time, do you tuck into sandwiches/a baguette/a panini/pasta salad…

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Get Off Your Butt At Work And Take Your Mind For A Walk!

Walking, as opposed to sitting or standing, “will almost certainly result in increased feelings of pleasant energy. And that’s true whether you expect this to occur or not.” – Jeff Miller, Ph.D., Visiting Professor of Psychology,  Saint Xavier University. In a series of intriguing studies, Miller and coauthor Zlatan Krizan, Ph.D showed that, the very act of walking lifts our…

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7 Reasons To Start Using Ghee (Foodies will LOVE #7)

Do you use ghee?  Ghee’s a super delicious uber-fat, prized since ancient times.  If your fat of choice is coconut oil, then it’s a great choice: universal (i.e. vegan-friendly) and with a myriad of uses – from bullet-proofing coffee, to baking and frying, to hair and skin-conditioning, non-toxic sun protection and weight loss – coconut oil fully deserves its reputation as…

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Californian Grilled Fish: Real Food Fast!

Delia Smith scores again!  This is REAL food FAST!   With the help of a food processor (or blender) this zesty and uber-quick fish recipe is one that you’d be proud to serve for a home supper or impress your chums at a dinner party. Delia’s Coriander & Lime Tartare Sauce is so easy to make at home…

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Delia’s Vanilla Cream Terrine with Raspberries and Blackcurrant Coulis

NO apologies what-so-ever for sharing this treat!  Trust our own Delia Smith to work her winning seasonal magic with a very pretty, pretty simple and ‘berry-healthy’ dessert you’ll want to make again and again! And healthy it sure is: a delicious helping of super-nutrient red berries, dairy, gelatin and not-to-feared-in-moderation sugar.  We say it’s food-that-heals magic on a plate and, despite it’s…

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